Wanted: 2014 Summer Volunteers



Root & Rebound, a reentry advocacy nonprofit in Berkeley, CA, is looking for help with our Reentry Services Directory project. We’re building a team of energetic and dedicated volunteers to complete this important project by the end of this summer.

The Project: We’re creating two resources: (1) a user-friendly reentry guide for people returning from jail/prison to Alameda County (print and PDF), (2) a referral database of services and programs, to be used by advocates and case managers who work with reentering people in Alameda County.

The Process: So far, we’ve collected a list of local services and programs. We’re now contacting these places and collecting information that will go in our reentry guide and database. In doing so, we’re also connecting with local organizations that we can partner with in future. Volunteers will reach out to organizations, send and collect surveys, and possibly help to draft and finalize our reentry guide.

The Purpose: This project is part of Root & Rebound’s mission to make reentry seamless and constructive for all – by ensuring that reentering people can access all the resources they need to thrive succeed in the community.

If you’d like to join our team, please contact our Project Manager, Olivia Cahue-Diaz, at ocahuediaz@rootandrebound.org! In your email, be sure to include information about your relevant skills, experience, interests, and time availability this summer.

Thank you!