Root & Rebound: Join us at two Reentry Events this Fall!

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Michelle Alexander, civil rights attorney, advocate, and legal scholar. Keynote Speaker at the 2014 ‘Shaking the Foundations’ Conference at Stanford Law School.

Dear Readers,

Happy Friday! Today, we wanted to share information about two reentry events that Root & Rebound is co-hosting this Fall. We encourage you to join us there!

  • Saturday, September 27 2014: Root & Rebound is co-hosting a Reentry Event and Resource Fair for San Francisco and San Mateo Counties in collaboration with the Archdiocese of San Francisco, PICO and Californians for Safety and Justice. This FREE event is for returning individuals, their families, their advocates, community partners. Really, it is meant for anyone interested in learning more about reentry services in SF and SM counties, hearing speakers at 6 panels talk about issues in reentry, and understanding more about the Safe Neighborhoods Act, which will be highlighted at the event (and on the SF Ballot in November). Reentry organizations ins SF and SM counties are encouraged to sign up to table at the resource fair – to showcase their services. Please see the ReEntry Conference & Resource Fair flyer for more information. Join Us!
  • Friday & Saturday, October 17-18 2014: Root & Rebound is designing and presenting a panel on reentry law, made up of influential lawyers from across the country, at Stanford Law School’s annual ‘Shaking the Foundations’ conference. Michelle Alexander, an inspirational figure who speaks powerfully about the movement for achieving racial justice and ending mass incarceration, will be the keynote speaker. She is the author of The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness, a must-read for anyone who wants to better understand the criminal justice system in America (we wrote about her incredible work and vision in a previous blog post). This event and our panel are designed to inspire a new generation of young attorneys to get involved in these issues. Join Us!

Root & Rebound is proud to be partnering with such inspiring and dedicated reentry organizations in California. We hope you will join us in these events either as a participant or an audience member. Please share the news widely with your friends, neighbors, colleagues – Can’t wait to see you there!

The R&R Team

The San Quentin Prison Report: Hearing the Voices & Stories from Inside


Today we are excited to share with you “The San Quentin Prison Report,” a radio series written and produced by a group of men serving time at the prison. With varied and thoughtful stories, it’s a great introduction to the challenges of navigating life in prison and on parole. Every story is told by the men themselves, in their own words and voices. The series inspires the listener to see beyond the labels of “criminal” and “prisoner” and “inmate” and to appreciate the men as individuals with valuable stories and insight to share, and as people with huge potential to contribute to our society.

We’re excited about the SQ Prison Report program for a few reasons. First, the program gives participants at San Quentin valuable training in journalism, radio production, and public speaking. These are skills that will not only help the men to advocate for themselves after release, but will also be hugely useful when they begin seeking employment. More importantly though, the program provides an outlet for people serving time to tell their stories in their own voices, and offers listeners a way in to begin thinking about the broadcasters not as inmates or statistics, but as journalists, baseball players, medical assistants—human beings just like us with stories to tell. Last week’s report included a story about an all-star baseball game on San Quentin’s “field of dreams.” It included a profile of Sandy Rashid Lockhard, one of seven “gold coats” who spends his time at San Quentin assisting men with disabilities. Finally, it included a first person account of what it’s like to live with AIDS behind prison walls.

The San Quentin Prison Report airs on KALW (91.7 FM in the Bay Area) on occasional Mondays at 5:00PM. We encourage you to tune in, share with friends and family, and check out past reports online here!

— The R&R Team