What’s in a Name?

Some people have asked us about our name… What does it mean? Where does it come from?

It’s a simple concept, really, that we felt perfectly described the process, at any stage of life, of trying to restart and reset, and how difficult and thrilling and terrifying that process is for all of us. “Reentry” after serving a prison or jail term is exactly that: the human process of starting over, but after years, sometimes many decades, isolated and removed from a world that has changed without you in it.

In Yoga, there is the concept of “Root and Rebound,” or “Rooting to Rebound.” The idea is that, in order for us to grow fully, and be the greatest version of ourselves (physically, mentally, and emotionally), we must first be grounded and firmly rooted into this beautiful Earth.

Our hope is that, as an organization, we are able to help people find their “groundedness” in the world, to reconnect with or reestablish roots, so that they can more quickly become the fullest and best version of themselves. We hope to be a place where people always feel at home, whether it is to come in for a legal meeting, a group workshop, or just to sit in a community space, drink some tea, and read the paper.

So that’s the story… but we also leave “R & R” up to your own personal interpretation!

–The R & R Team