Summer Benefit Features: RYSE Youth Center

Our upcoming Summer Benefit is a great opportunity to celebrate our community and the missions of other organizations in the area. We are so excited to remind you all that our July 23rd event this year will feature a spoken word piece performance by Richmond’s RYSE Youth Center group.

RYSE was founded in 2000 in Richmond with the goals of fostering a strong and safe community where youth can lead and thrive within a united community. We are thrilled to be featuring an organization at our event that has a shared concern for the future of youth and community members. The RYSE center provides community resources for youth including career counseling, arts and culture opportunities, health and wellness education, and social justice focused youth organizing to name a few. RYSE has a worthwhile and inspiring mission to “educate and motivate, inform and empower, connect and uplift, advocate and celebrate” young professionals, while working toward social equality and justice as it relates to community empowerment.

The RYSE Performing Arts department is an example of the ways in which they “promote young people’s innovative creation of political, personal, and expressive” strengths to give youth in the community a strong voice. The spoken word workshop helps students use language as expressions of social issues. We are thrilled about this inspiring performance this year from RYSE. In addition, we will also have a musical guest to be announced soon!

This collaboration between RYSE and Root & Rebound is very special because the pieces being performed will be about issues of incarceration, community empowerment, and themes surrounding opportunity and community vitality. There is a synergy between the issues RYSE and Root & Rebound are working on, and it is wonderful to collaborate and share in the successes and efforts of each other’s work.

To learn more about RYSE and their goals and accomplishments, check out their website at 

Join us July 23! Buy tickets here:

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