Letter of the Day

This letter says it all. 

“To: Root & Rebound,

Good morning to you all. This letter is sent to you today to say thank you from my humble heart upon receiving a copy of your Roadmap to Reentry Legal Guide. I was totally surprised at the size of the guide, and then rocked back on my heels, at all of the good and direct, clear information, within the table of contents!!

This is exactly what each and every prisoner needs to have access to, so that he or she can have real answers or solutions to the many questions, and problems we are faced with, as we prepare to reenter of cities, towns, and the state. I will have to set aside a lot of my time to really sit down and go through all this massive amount of information.

This is truly a blessing for anyone to receive, and I just wanted to write you back, to let you know that I did receive it, but most importantly I’m very thankful, that you all thought so much for so many, when so many others could care less, if their returning citizens get a helping hand, a positive guide, on their long road of recovery, and fight to become a positive asset to his or her command to city, state.

Thanks, Seasons Greetings, and Happy New Year in 2016,

Humbly, with respect, a lifer with 24 years in and my next parole hearing on May 29th 2016!”

Reimagining Reentry: Letters from Inside

Happy Holidays, Friends of Root & Rebound!

As 2015 comes to a close, we are excited and proud to launch our end-of-year campaign, Reimagine Reentry, featuring a video about our work, Letters from Inside.

The goal of this campaign is not only to raise money, but to raise awareness in the Bay Area and beyond about what we do here at Root & Rebound. This year, Root & Rebound produced and published the Roadmap to Reentry, a legal guide that provides comprehensive guidance on barriers in reentry across nine areas of law and life.

In 2016, we plan to expand the use of Roadmap to Reentry, so that we can transfer powerful information from a small legal community to the massive number of people facing disenfranchisement upon release.

Additionally, we will provide more community-based trainings across California—in prisons, for families with incarcerated loved ones; with correctional departments; at community centers, and in places of worship—to strengthen families and communities.

We also plan to make the Roadmap to Reentry information more accessible for people in reentry and their advocates by building online content and interactive toolkits to reach more people, thus increasing access.

Finally, we will continue our policy reform work and grow our efforts to educate partner groups, advocates, and policymakers about issues on the ground—to reduce barriers and expand opportunities for people coming out of prison and jail, and create a healthier society.

To accomplish all this, we need your help! Please take 3 minutes to watch our video, share with your social networks, and if you can, make a donation.