Root & Rebound’s panel at Stanford’s Shaking the Foundations Legal Conference

“When you get released and you have nothing–who do you turn to?” Eric Borchert.

Eric was recently released from state prison after decades in prison and he knows all to well the barriers in reentry and the sense of frustration and fear in navigating them. We have written about Eric’s story in a previous Root & Rebound newsletter that you can read here. Although Borchert was lucky to have the support of family, friends and Root & Rebound, many individuals who have been incarcerated do not have access to these support systems and can find themselves in cycles of poverty, homelessness and incarceration. That’s why Eric agreed to be on the recent panel hosted by Root & Rebound at Stanford’s Shaking the Foundations Legal Conference on Overcoming Legal Barriers After Incarceration – so he could spread the word to lawyers, law students, policy makers and the wider public – on the legal and social barriers people face in reentry.

The Panelists were: Elie Miller, R&R Senior Advisor, Eric Borchert, R&R Client, and Katherine Katcher, R&R Founder and Executive Director. The panel discussed the various collateral consequences that individuals confront upon returning to the community from prison or jail and the legal advocacy tools that we utilize to give people a meaningful second chance in society.

Please watch, and ask any questions you might have here about the work, our model, or larger systemic issues! We would love the opportunity to interact with you through Q&A!

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