R&R Website Launch!


Dear Root & Rebound Supporters,

Our team has an exciting update – we are officially launching our website today! It is a monumental step for our organization as we continue to grow and expand our reentry advocacy work across the Bay Area, throughout California, and beyond.

Please click here to view the site and visit often: WWW.ROOTANDREBOUND.ORG. Some highlights of our site include pages on our mission & vision and storyour four key programs, and our reentry resource center, where we share reentry legal information and broader reentry resources. We are so excited to finally launch our permanent presence on the web!
We want to thank our incredibly talented photographer, Lucille Lawrence at Lucille Lawrence photography, and our website designer, Missy Austin at Missy Austin Graphic Design, for showcasing the work of Root & Rebound so beautifully. They both donated their time and talent to further our work.

Please share our site with friends, colleagues and family, and all those who are interested in reentry services across California and nationally. This website is an important step forward in communicating with our online community and reaching our fundraising goal of $100,000 from individual donors in 2014. 

Thank you for joining us on this journey!
– The R & R Team

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