Root & Rebound is growing!

Hello readers!

Today we wanted to give you a sneak peak into Root & Rebound—and our vision for where we are headed! R & R has been working hard to build a strong foundation. We spent the Fall meeting with over 70 practitioners, formerly incarcerated advocates, and academics to understand the landscape of reentry services and needs. Based off those interviews, we are developing a report on best practices and gaps in reentry services that we plan to publish and make available online in the next few months!

R & R has also been working with a consultant on strategic planning, development, and with our graphic designer to develop a great website to showcase Root & Rebound’s work and the resilient and motivated people we serve.

Here is a sneak peak at the website…

Screen Shot 2014-02-11 at 10.53.22 PM

We are very excited about the website we are creating, and believe that technology and Internet are great resources for sharing information and knowledge about reentry with the wider public.

Throughout this era of strategic growth, R & R has developed a multiyear vision for serving reentering citizens:

YEAR 1 (2014)—In our first year of practice, Root & Rebound’s programmatic goals include:

  1. Direct legal services with social services support—developing an integrated system for collecting client information that will track indicators for success and outcomes; providing legal counsel, advice & information to a small number of pilot clients.
  2. Public education & legal trainings—producing an educational “Know Your Legal Rights in California Reentry” manual to be shared with community-based organizations, government agencies & prisons and jails; teaching reentry legal rights to partner organizations and clients going through the reentry process.
  3. Reentry Resource Development—developing a database and guide for formerly incarcerated people of community-based organizations and government agencies serving returning citizens in the Bay Area and their eligibility requirements.
  4. High-impact advocacy through policy reform and litigation—joining local and national reentry consortiums; supporting policies and petitions that will improve the lives and opportunities for reentering citizens.

OUR 5-YEAR VISION—In the next 5 years, Root & Rebound aims to:

  • Scale our work across the Bay Area and begin to address issues of people returning to rural communities in Northern California;
  • Provide a clear service continuum and pathway for returning citizens who are our clients;
  • Have established a strong referral network and relationships with high caliber organizations and government agencies;
  • Serve as a hub for up-to-date information on reentry with a statewide and nationwide reach on the Root & Rebound blog and website;
  • Support changes in state and local policy informed by our direct services work.

Thank you for being part of this journey. We could not do it alone. We value your commitment to supporting returning citizens and to the many people who have encouraged Root & Rebound’s innovation and growth in reentry. Exciting things ahead!

—The R & R Team

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