Root & Rebound (Suggested) Reading

Here are some links and stories from around the web–and world–that caught our eye this week:

1. This World Map Shows The Enormity Of America’s Prison Problem

2. Tonight’s State of the Union Should Also Offer Economic Opportunity for People With Drug Law Felonies 

3. Really Excited about the Wall Street Journal’s New Blog on Civil Liberties and the Criminal Justice System

4. DNA exonerations Show Need for Justice Reform

5. Here’s to Hoping that Nebraska Joins 10 other states to “Ban the Box”

6. Advocates in Georgia Develop 5-year Plan to Make the State Leader in Reentry

7. The Most Prosecuted Federal Crime in the U.S. today? The Answer Might Surprise You

8. Texas Leads the Way in NEEDED Criminal Justice Reforms

9. When Victims Speak Up– In Defense of Offenders– and Their Beliefs in Life— A story that will restore your faith in humanity.

Happy Reading!

–The R&R Team

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